ICJ verdict exposé

Mainstream media coverage of the ICJ hearings and initial verdict varied between optimistic of Israeli regime accountability, and disappointed as it stopped short of ordering a ceasefire.

Zionist media claims ICJ does not have evidence of Zionist intent of a genocide hence why it couldn’t call it so. While Western print and digital media argue that the ICJ ruling puts states helping Zionist Israel on notice, raising heat on the Biden administration. Twitter X users are disappointed that the ICJ did not call for a ceasefire in Gaza while TikTok users warned against downplaying the significance of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling. ‘Exposé.’ The truth is just a revelation away.”

One thought on “ICJ verdict exposé

  • la0508

    The ICJ could NOT order a cease fire because a cease fire must affect all parties to the conflict. Gaza/Palestine was NOT under the ICJ’s jurisdiction, only Israel. To ask Israel to cease fire while Hamas is under no such restriction is something the court cannot do.


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