Gaza talks underway

It seems that the decision regarding the Rafah operation is still pending, not only due to field-related reasons, as the attack on Rafah requires different and more complicated preparations than what happened in other areas, but also because the situation there is contingent upon the positions of other parties in the war – whether they are partners to Zionist Israel or mediators- who, at this stage, refuse any attack on the city of Rafah and prefer a negotiated path to end the fighting, albeit under different names, through an relatively improved prisoner swap deal.

In the meantime, the naval forces of Sana’a continue to flexibly execute their operations in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, and the Gulf of Aden, while they persist in surprising the American and British navies. Following each operation that threatens the American and British vessels, the latter navies deploy swarms of drones and warplanes to patrol the international waters to protect the vessels and destroyers from Yemeni drone attacks, then carry out attacks on areas that have been already targeted before, meaning they have no real targets there.

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