Benefits of Using Temporary Buildings to Host Events and Exhibitions

Businesses and educational institutions such as schools and universities host various events from time to time. These events include anniversaries, product launches, conferences, dinners, award ceremonies, and many other occasions.  There are also trade exhibitions where companies showcase their products and services to potential customers to create awareness and convince new customers to come on board.

Hosting events and exhibitions can pose a challenge as the companies and institutions need enough space to accommodate a potentially huge number of people. Also, there is a need for enough space for free movement as people get to their seats, or move comfortably from one stand or table to another at the exhibition to see what the various exhibitors have to show.

Temporary buildings, especially huge tents and clear span buildings, are a great option when hosting events and exhibitions because they can be installed quickly and provide as large a space as is needed. Here are some of the benefits of using temporary buildings to host events, trade shows and exhibitions:

Temporary buildings are quick to install

Unlike permanent structures that need many months running into years to build, businesses can install temporary buildings in just a few days when they need to host events or trade shows. For example, if a school has an upcoming parents meeting, a sporting event or a business needs to host a shareholder meeting, they can install temporary buildings in a few days, set up the tables and seats, and be ready to accommodate the guests without any problems.

They are cost-effective

Because companies operate on tighter budgets these days and have to look for ways to cut costs, temporary buildings are a perfect solution when they are hosting events and exhibitions. In fact, companies can choose to hire tents and other non-permanent structures just for a few days or even a single day, and this can save so much money, instead of buying them. Schools, colleges, companies and other users can contact Smart-Space, the leading temporary buildings solution provider in the UK to ask about the best solution for their space needs. Smart Space has over 30 years of experience and will provide the answers with ease.

Temporary buildings are portable

Another advantage of using non-permanent structures to host exhibitions and various events is that they are portable allowing users to relocate them easily without any worries or damage. Users can install them quickly and dismantle them equally fast, saving costs of building or hiring space in every new location where they want to host an event. This works well for companies that have to visit multiple cities to showcase their products.

They are versatile and flexible

The beauty of temporary buildings is that they are highly versatile and flexible. People can use them to host a wide range of activities including graduations, meetings and sports activities.  They can also be customised to fit many uses, including hosting small meetings or large gatherings or adding space to already existing buildings as extensions and so on.

Moreover, non-permanent structures can have windows for better ventilation and clear parts to allow light in to minimise the use of electricity for lighting. They can also be expanded easily to accommodate more attendees, exhibitors or guests without any issues.

They use nearly any available space

People can install temporary buildings in almost any space, including between permanent buildings, on slightly sloping grounds, as extensions to existing permanent structures, etc. This makes temporary structures a great solution because they optimise space allowing hosting events and exhibitions. In addition, the fact that they can be used and disassembled when not needed allows users to install them even on sports grounds and other spaces like car parks to host people and shelter them from the sun and other weather elements.


Temporary buildings are a great solution for hosting events and exhibitions. The benefits of these structures include cost-effectiveness, quick installation, versatility and flexibility, and the fact that they can be installed almost in any space.


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