Intel Drop and Disclosure, February 13, 2020

Trump is being tried before the US Senate, where many of the members are “fake people,” longtime Russian assets paid through accounts in the Cayman Islands.  Many of them are “cuckoos,” or “walkins.”

Sometimes they are called “Manchurian Candidates.”  Many ask if John McCain was “turned” as a POW or if Trump was recruited by Cohn in the 70s or by Russia through his Ivana in 1987 as The Guardian implies.

These are public faces but, behind them, we have four generations of cuckoos or Manchurian Candidates, they have lived and died, done their work and remained unknown or unseen.

They now control the US and 99% of them are unknown except at the highest level of classification, the real “Q,” and are feared.

Their power, their numbers, unimaginable.  Their work?  We see it every day, it is why we can explain none of how we came, as a nation, to such an end.

They are placed “in the nest” to take control of certain trusts or banks, key industries or to inherit “at risk” fortunes.  They are often the super rich mysterious who donate money by the millions but have no history.

When, during the 1990s, a certain tobacco company began funding antigovernment militias, we saw them.  We see them today more than ever, but only if we look very carefully.  Who pays the bills for the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers or their 3 dozen clones?

Why money from an nearly invisible reclusive supermarket heiress that has never been photographed?

Why so many wealthy who have never been photographed, have no college records, no marriages or divorces, no records at all?

How many “walk ins” became wealthy and powerful after 9/11 as fake military contractors?

Imagine, laundering a cuckoo though Annapolis, then through SEAL training and then into a running a secretive private army around the world to run narcotics and money laundering.

How many cuckoos have been laundered into congress though the military?  All GOP or both parties?

Do some checking, look for “too many coincidences,” over and over where cuckoos are “chosen” and “elevated.”  Look at Hawley:

After spending a year in London as a teacher at St Paul’s School from 2002 to 2003,[4][11] Hawley returned to the U.S. to attend Yale Law School, graduating in 2006 with a Juris Doctor degree.[6][7][10] The Kansas City Star reported that Hawley’s classmates saw him as “politically ambitious and a deeply religious conservative.”[8] While at Yale, Hawley was an editor of the Yale Law Journal and served as president of the school’s Federalist Society chapter.[10]

or this:

Born in Springdale, Arkansas, to a banker and a teacher, Hawley graduated from Stanford University in 2002 and Yale Law School in 2006. He was a law clerk to Tenth Circuit Judge Michael W. McConnell and Chief Justice John Roberts and then worked as a lawyer, first in private practice, from 2008 to 2011, and then for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, from 2011 to 2015. Before becoming Missouri Attorney General, he was also a teacher at St Paul’s School in London, an associate professor at the University of Missouri School of Law, and a faculty member of the conservative Blackstone Legal Fellowship.


Trump thinks he did it all himself.  He thinks he was accidentally adopted by Roy Cohn, the kingmaker for the Bolsheviks and that he was first.

He wasn’t.  Richard Nixon was their boy, Ronald Reagan was their boy and George W. Bush was their boy as well.  With Trump it was timing, the person to have in place when half a million Americans’ could be killed to steal 12 trillion dollars and destroy US credibility around the world.

9/11 was the same as COVID, 20 years of war, building a heroin empire from Afghanistan and stealing a trillion in oil while looting the US.  Oh, how about a world of prison camps, tapping every phone, a foreign run police state within the US, run by the DHS and runaway commands or bureaucracies at the DOJ, DOE and the Pentagon.

Where does this come from?

A never spoken of but major area of US security is studying and trying to contain the fake people who show up as mass shooters from time to time but also run Google Corporation, Microsoft, some bigger companies and lots of government agencies.

They control public utilities, credit agencies and anything that involves “cyber” or “crypto.”

They were the McCarthyites, they were the Tea Party, they were the Neoconservatives and they are the leaders of Christian evangelism and the corporate news, both left and right.

It is all theatre.  It always has been.

Few Americans except for officials of the FBI and CIA at the highest levels and some special operations planners know what I will be writing here.  I have confirmed this through official channels, real confirmations, circumspect in nature.  Material will have been seen, some of it.

In 2012, Mitt Romney was supposed to be elected president.  Romney, whose general demeanor compared to many, is ‘moderate,’ is said to be a ‘stalking horse.’

According to our sources (I took this recording to an FBI interview and frightened people enough for them to leave the room when I offered to play it) at the FBI, highest, Romney, partnered with former Mexican President Carlos Salinas, is part of a massive Russian influence operation.

The history behind it goes to the Mormon War against the US in the 1870s and to the 1882 Edmunds Act.  From there, the Romney family began an meteoric rise as George became a powerful industrial figure for no reason whatsoever.  From Wikipedia:

Romney was born to American parents living in the Mormon colonies in Mexico; events during the Mexican Revolution forced his family to flee back to the United States when he was a child. The family lived in several states and ended up in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they struggled during the Great Depression. Romney worked in a number of jobs, served as a Mormon missionary in the United Kingdom, and attended several colleges in the U.S. but did not graduate from any of them. In 1939, he moved to Detroit and joined the American Automobile Manufacturers Association, where he served as the chief spokesman for the automobile industry during World War II and headed a cooperative arrangement in which companies could share production improvements. He joined Nash-Kelvinator in 1948, and became the chief executive of its successor, American Motors Corporation, in 1954. There he turned around the struggling firm by focusing all efforts on the compact Rambler car. Romney mocked the products of the “Big Three” automakers as “gas-guzzling dinosaurs” and became one of the first high-profile, media-savvy business executives. Devoutly religious, he presided over the Detroit Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Romney was then appointed to oversee Michigan’s new constitution, for no reason whatsoever and was then placed into the Michigan governorship, seen as a stepping stone to the presidency.  Mind you, we don’t hate the Romney family.  George was an opponent of the Vietnam War and was pushed aside in 1968 by Roy Cohn and Richard Nixon as “not corrupt enough.”  J. Edgar Hoover (Meyer Lansky’s puppet) played a major part.

Cohn also “worked with” a very young George W. Bush and was very very very close to a young Donald Trump, who he mentored into New York Organized Crime, though Trump’s family was well entrenched long before he was born.

Cohn, a “reputed mobster” and “red baiter” was, by our findings Russia’s chief influencer in the US during the entirety of the Cold War, “influencer” and spymaster.

Who better than the lawyer that killed the Rosenbergs.

Here are the alleged facts that we add to this mix:

  • Soviet Russia from the 1920s onward began seeding “walk ins” into positions of power in banking and finance, industry and politics.  This operation, after 1959, was run from Cuba and accessed the US through the porous borders of Mexico and Canada.
  • Russia also operated though the Greek/Greek Cypriot community in the US and Canada which included access to powerful political leaders (Democrats) and control of the Senate Banking Committee) to launder cash until 2005 when it was no longer necessary to hide money when the Supreme Court under Citizens United legalized not just bribery but use of foreign laundered funds to run a massive intelligence operation against the US
  • Prime among these activities is control of certain agencies including but not limited to the US Department of Energy (nuclear arsenal/secrets), the FBI, the CIA, the DHS, the Interior Department and the US Department of Treasury.  The DOJ has been under total or partial Russian control since Bobby Kennedy stepped down and we have our suspicions there due to his early contact with Roy Cohn.

Let’s take a look at this science fiction “replacement” operation.  We know the FBI has a task force that does nothing else but track these people.  We have had access to some records, one of a state governor who was a Cuban born Russian asset (still around).

The history goes back centuries to the Silk Road when Khazars would take over caravan’s by removing the merchant and replacing, a story we have told often but one that needs to be remembered.

Today, in the US, we are 4th generation “cookoo in the nest.”  Questions?  If Samuel Bush is from Columbus, Ohio, where is the Bush family from?  Don’t bother to look, they don’t exist.

Start looking at the less obvious tech billionaires.  Many don’t exist.

Look at some public figures like Assange.  Look at alternative media figures with no families, no personal history, or backgrounds with gaps that show travel to Israel or Russia.

Dozens of Russian “walk ins” are laundered through Annapolis, West Point and the Air Force Academy.

Others become leaders of Evangelical Christianity as, from the 1870s onward, even before, the South and West were targeted because of cattle, rail and mineral opportunities.  Many of America’s biggest fortunes, even shipping or chemicals, come from “non people.”

When people like Jim Fetzer trip over these fakes, they are fed destructive fake information by people who are placed near them send them over a cliff.  More than just Fetzer are targeted.

It isn’t just alternative media.  Who is Rush Limbaugh?  What is Sean Hannity’s background?  You mean they don’t have a background?  How about Tucker?  From Wikipedia:

Carlson was born in San FranciscoCalifornia. His great-great grandfather Cesar Lombardi immigrated to New York from Switzerland in 1860.[17] From Lombardi, Carlson descends from SwissItalian ancestry.[18] He is the elder son of Richard Warner Carlson, a former “gonzo reporter[19] who became the director of the Voice of America, president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the U.S. ambassador to the Seychelles.[20] Carlson’s paternal grandparents were Richard Boynton and Dorothy Anderson, teenagers who placed his father in an orphanage where he was adopted when he was two years old by the Carlsons. Richard Carlson’s adoptive father was a wool broker.[21][19][22]

What we know is this, our FBI informant describes an intelligence operation run out of Cuba, decades old, that run many prominent America assets.  But who are they?

Certainly we have key members of congress.  It is easy to track them because their payoffs run through banks in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland and Israel.  You can tell by their patterns of travel though all have lock boxes with fake passports, just like Jason Borne.

What are their tasks?

Obviously, America is “milk cow,” the only nation capable of supporting endless debt.  The US isn’t their only toy.  They have Israel, North Korea, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Poland, Albania, Libya, Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain and how many others?

When do we actually see them?  Think of the UK, the News of the World scandal and, behind it, the Freemason pedophile rings that have been at the heart of British society for well over a century.

When Michael Shrimpton talks about the DVD, who do you think he means?

Were the Nazi’s really Nazis?  Their background was Christian Nationalism/Evangelism and their origins American though the billionaire financed eugenics movement.  They existed in the US as the Klan or American Legion/Black Legion long before they were seen in Germany.

Nazism is American, not German.

The roots date to the 1850s, the Know Nothing Party, the first Trump incarnation, and later the Immigration Restriction League and others, targeting primarily Catholics but also Jews, building a base in the East and a stronger and longer lasting one in the Midwest, one that blossomed with the resurgence of the Klan in the 1920s and later with broad support of Nazi Germany under the America Firsters and Committee of One Million.

Today, this is the heart of the GOP, built almost entirely from “fake people.”

Intel Drop and Disclosure, February 13, 2020

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