CointelPro, the Gift that Keeps on Giving


We are going on a bit of a ride here. In an attempt to keep interest, a very few, I hope a “lucky few” will gain some insights. For the real majority of relatively normal people who are offended by living among the insane, do realize we know you are there.

At some point, however, awakening and acting is required, as even the “best of the normal” are now clearly “dangerously stupid” as well. We begin:

It was Robert Steele (David…I hate doing 3 names except for serial killers) who caught on. When he came out here, he was going to stay at one of the local motels. I make him come here. I have a really cool guest bath. Steele is lots of fun actually.

Meaner than shit but fun. The number of people at his level, Hanke, Dean, Preston James, not too many others, and what there are, are all at VT.

Steele’s point, one he got after spending endless hours with me was “counter-intelligence.” Over the past 30 years, and not without training by the long dead best of the best of the best, I have raised the bar on that aspect of intelligence gathering, knowing the enemy.

He gave me credit for that. Steele doesn’t give credit, he generally thinks people are morons. Of course he is right but he says it more openly than most.

Let me tell you one little bit today and get it over with.

Back when I didn’t work for the government, I generally ignored much of what was going on around me. As a combat vet, a “real deal” guy, I knew it was all totally phony and just didn’t care. I am very much a “no man/no problem” sort of guy, if you get my drift.

We are starting with “CointelPro,” the FBI program that penetrated black activists, the anti-war movement, Neo-Nazis and the militia movement.

It was huge and it is alive and well. It had a massive black budget. One of my friends helped run it, Fred Coward, who joined the FBI in 57. Fred and I worked on projects around the world and always disagree on almost everything, politically, at least.

Fred and his team teach what was called “atmospherics” and led the way into “big data” and “social media” monitoring as a component of counter-terrorism.  I had the financial backing and government contacts in Africa, Europe and the Middle East from my time when I didn’t work with their governments for decades.

The problem was here at home, creating a monster.  Let’s remember, the CointelPro FBI was run by the Mormon mafia back then, always a heavily politicized and constitutionally illegal organization.

Also remember that Hoover, though stories about his homosexuality may possibility be Kosher schmears, denied the existence of any organized crime, any cults, any human/child sex trafficking, even when we know for certain he had thousands of hours of Washington types “doing” rent boys, kids, interns, little girls or as with AIPAC, endless same sex contact in public restrooms.

I have lots of hours hearing the stories from the “horses’ mouthes.”

The danger with CointelPro is that the FBI itself wasn’t so healthy when it began dredging for endless thousands, tens of thousands, of “marginal types” to rat out real or imaginary threats to Hoover’s version of a very very sick America.

About 3 dozen of their acquisitions from the 70s and 80s linger around InfoWars, Rense, StratFor, Counterpunch and YouTube.

These are just the ones we see, who join the endless ranks of Israeli trolls who get squashed when they show up on VT comment boards.

There were things I laid out to Steele on this. They all leave trails like snails, a personal history of minor arrests, street drugs, bad checks, business fraud, weapons charges, how they were introduced to the FBI.

Everyone involved in the 1980’s militia movement is FBI, according to then Michigan militia leader Tom Wayne. The nation’s largest militia disbanded when everyone turned out to be FBI informants.

Today’s groups are even worse.

Face it, when the FBI shows up on your porch, they can be very intimidating. You have to be very clean to not be burned by them, and few are that clean. When the Washington Post, Newsweek and Politico came after me, I went under the microscope. If you remember, the Post said VT was collecting names of active duty military to turn over to Russian intelligence.

It took them about ten seconds to figure out that was total bullshit.  What they didn’t do, however, was track down where that came from, why it was fabricated, and why silencing me was important.  What I told them is that they really did find a national security problem and that these stories in themselves was an indication a foreign intelligence agency was operating with an agenda and that this was solid gold to them.

The foreign intel agency that went after VT and our team of real experts, burned themselves to the ground as we traced it all back, something I spent hours relating to the FBI’s RussiaGate team.

These are the real threats, when enemies of the US expose their assets.

Many of those assets are the “untermenchen” of the fake alternative news.

What is important to note is that, though many or most will jump on the “we hate Jews” bandwagon, where real Americans simply seek independence from Israeli interference in US politics, they always do the bidding of the Kosher Nostra.

The heart of the Kosher Nostra, and Preston James is the expert on that, along with Ian Greenhalgh, is the “Christian right.”  Their causes are all fake, immigration, climate, gays, women crap, all time wasting “shite” as our Irish friends call it.

You see, there is no such thing as reform or “swamp draining” from “the right.”  The right is now and has always been “Wall Street” which has always been the Kosher Nostra or, if we take it back centuries, the “Black nobility” or the “Merchant Princes” or the fake “German” banking families like the Warburgs or Bauer/Rothschilds who aren’t German or Semitic Jews at all.

What race or religion more than a thousand years of criminality is doesn’t matter and those who hang themselves on this make the same mistakes over and over.

If someone is telling you “the Jews did it,” chances are you are hearing this from those who control everything you hear and, today, about half of those still on the payroll to tell you who is what are the scum the Mormon mafia FBI burned as snitches during the 70s and 80s.

The FBI never lets go.

Then, back in the 80s, the FBI was totally infiltrated by not so much “the Mossad” but by Jewish “defense organizations” tied to organized crime.  Real Mossad people are, for the most part, very able, tough as nails, and inherently decent.  They aren’t idiots.

All of them hate Netanyahu and Trump.

The real issue is always fear.  Remember Dune?  “Fear is the mind killer.”

The FBI used fear to recruit, they recruited scum, and this spiraled into what we see today, fake activists, fake organizations and a network built by a corrupt FBI program now run by organized crime through think tanks, law firms and “publicists” a giant disinformation and schmear machine bolstered by Google, Facebook and YouTube (Google).

They run 9/11 truth, they spin every real conspiracy into la la land, they are QAnon, WikiLeaks, they run both ends of every time wasting controversy, all cheap theatre, like Trump’s fake war, a disgraced president going to war with CNN, a fake news organization, with both of them owned by the same masters.

Everything is fake.  People are not trusted with the truth.  When a slave sees the truth, he pisses on it like a dog pissing on his food.

Key to beginning an education is knowing that everything “right” or “conservative” is really just exploitation of failed intellect, class envy and fear.  This is the most fertile ground to plow, limited intelligence, the envy of unmet expectations, no screwed cheerleaders, no fulfilled sex with the babysitter fantasies, no “magic moments” of seeing that tyrant boss dying in agony of cancer.

This is the heart of “Joe Six-Pack” America.

Trumpers?  Let’s have a dose of truth, painful truth. What kind of person is titillated hearing an orange 300 pound hyena on “smut radio” bragging about “being on top of” an 85 pound 12 year old girl while stoked up on Adderall and smeared with 10% testosterone cream.

This is “TrumpWorld.”

What are the taboo words, eroticism, ejaculation, penetration, facial…so very yesterday.  It has gone so much further now, the things that lived in the underworld of what we imagined were the sex cults and suburban wife swapping clubs are now MDMA fueled lifestyles of a generation of burnouts.

But they vote.

Why do you think so many of us began driving our kids to and from school every day?

Then there’s the special “tone” for the material we see custom designed for the “fans of kid f%#kers.”  They love the schmear, continual derision, always attacking “elites.”

One of the key differences between “liberal” and “conservative” areas is litter.  Conservatives get a certain joy out of throwing things out of their cars, as long they aren’t caught.

Everything the same, “as long as they are not caught.”  Shoplifting?  Another “conservative” sport.

Why would America have an underclass that votes in support of tax breaks for the rich, votes against public health care, against public parks, against clean air and water?

That’s right, we’ve tapped the motherlode.

Part of the same disease, one started so many years ago with CointelPro, now its “television” which includes social media, YouTube and even the “gamer” world.

Let’s also note that we live in a country of addicts, meth for the serious, heroin for the kids, adderall like Trump.

We have created a landscape, moral decay cloaked in self righteousness, obsession with “trans-genderism,” the sick longings of the Christian “right,” and their sex obsessed bouts with self hatred.

How many out there?  Too many.

This is why America feels like this, but perhaps the internet amplifies it.  All you have to do is turn on the TV, the same question comes up: “Doesn’t anyone screw anymore?”

Why the anger at women?  Do we have 60 million American males who are still angry because women weren’t attracted to them or, as is the case, found them repulsive the second they began to speak?


Then consider, how did we get here?  The answer isn’t nice, isn’t simple, and I am guessing more will understand this than other things written here.  Our sexual envy, gender hatreds, our racial “revulsions” and fear, it was all engineered, schools, media, brainwashing and social programming perhaps, if some are correct, now using advanced technology as well.

So many years ago, the thousands of “dickless wonders” at their militia meetings, or as today, “podcasting” away, empty souls, dark minds, how many?  Is it 60 million?

Leading the pack?  Is it Alex Jones or Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, all quite talented and charming people, in fact each a thousand times brighter than Hannity and the gang at Fox.

Can we blame them?  I think not.

It is older, far older, a dialectic as it were, a fake right and a fake left, a fake center, fake everything.

If you can see it, hear it, read it, it is fake.

All you have left is smell.  Use that wisely.


CointelPro, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

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