Putin Is Emboldening Reckless Western Aggression By Being Too Soft Toward NATO – Paul Craig Roberts

Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to promptly end the war in Ukraine sooner than later with a decisive Russian victory, otherwise, the United States and its NATO partners will keep escalating aggression towards Russia.

That’s the view of former senior US government official Paul Craig Roberts. In a recent article, Dr Roberts wrote that Moscow’s hesitancy in finishing the conflict in Ukraine on its terms has only incited the NATO powers to become more and more involved militarily and contemptuous of Russia’s national security interests – to the point where now there are public discussions in the West about deploying NATO ground troops in Ukraine.

Putin’s Inability to Act Is Spinning the Ukraine Conflict Out of Control

In this interview, Dr Roberts explains why he considers that Putin has acted too softly in responding to years of NATO aggression towards Russia, from the CIA-backed coup in Kiev in 2014 installing a NeoNazi regime, to the expansion of NATO on Russia’s borders and the covert build-up of offensive NATO forces on the ground in Ukraine, which finally precipitated Moscow’s decision to send its troops into Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

This dangerous game of Russian Roulette by the Western powers could result in a catastrophic nuclear world war. Russia’s fault is that it is appeasing the Western powers, thereby allowing them to keep spinning the chamber and pulling the trigger.

The irony is that the Western news media (propaganda system) distorts Russia and Putin as the “new Hitler” who should not be appeased in the same way that the British leaders did in the 1930s toward Nazi Germany. The reality is the opposite. The modern comparison should be between US-led NATO and Nazi Germany. Putin is running the risk of appeasing the Western imperial powers.

Roberts opines that Putin and the Russian leadership have been too deferential and trusting of Western powers, supposing that some kind of negotiated deal can be worked out. The blunt reality is that United States is driven by hegemonic ambitions for world domination. Russia is viewed by Washington as an obstacle to its imperial ambitions, an obstacle that must be vanquished (as with other obstacles like China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, and so on.) The US is not amenable to negotiating a detente with Russia. It wants to conquer by regime change and the Ukraine war is a proxy for this ulterior objective. Russia is lately catching on to the incorrigibility of the US imperialist enemy, but by delaying a decisive response, Moscow has emboldened a more dangerous threat from the US and its NATO minions. That threat is not only to Russia’s national security but to world peace.

One thought on “Putin Is Emboldening Reckless Western Aggression By Being Too Soft Toward NATO – Paul Craig Roberts

  • David Bowlas

    I used to support Putin but he is just like the other Russian leaders of the past. He says that he wants a multipolar world with ‘BRICKS’ but I wouldn’t put it past hi to invite the NATO countries into ‘BRICKS.’ He still calls them ‘our partners.’


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