Biden Has Damned the United States Over Israel’s Gaza Genocide

The Biden White House has brought the U.S. into global disrepute for its flagrant complicity in Gaza’s genocide.

On a day of global shame this week, the United States voted against calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. It means the U.S. is an accomplice in the genocide by the Israeli regime.

It can’t get more graphic than this. Out of 193 nations at the United Nations, 153 of them (nearly 80 per cent) voted for an immediate ceasefire and the urgent delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza where more than two million civilians have been subjected to over two months of non-stop indiscriminate bombing by the Israeli military.

Not just callous deliberate murder of civilians, but a blockade on all basic humanitarian needs. Water, food, medicines, and fuel have all been cut off by an Israeli regime that calls Palestinians “human animals”.

This is the second time the U.S. has voted against the vast majority of nations at the UN General Assembly appealing for an end to the violence. The United States has also vetoed three resolutions at the UN Security Council calling for a ceasefire.

In the latest vote on December 12, the U.S. joined with Israel and a handful of minor states in opposing the call for peace. Another 23 states shamefully abstained including Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Ukraine.

On the same day, President Joe Biden gave a speech to fundraisers in Washington DC in which he cautioned Israel to be “more careful” in conducting the military onslaught against Gaza. Biden was more concerned that Israel’s “indiscriminate bombing” of civilians was a public relations problem, not a moral outrage and war crime.

Nevertheless, Biden again reiterated “unconditional” support for Israel by supplying all the bombs and weapons it requests. In the past week, the White House has approved over $100 million in tank artillery shells for Israel as part of an emergency fund that does not require any vetting by lawmakers. The Biden administration is also pushing Congress to pass a much larger military support package worth over $14 billion.

Professor Francis Boyle, a renowned international legal authority, says that the United States is fully complicit in Israel’s genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza and the Occupied West Bank territory.

In an email to this author, Professor Boyle points to evidence “all across the board” from the unconditional supply of bombs and missiles by the United States to Israel, to the U.S.’ repeated voting positions at the UN that are enabling the continued mass, systematic violence.

Several Israeli leaders, including Premier Benjamin Netanyahu, have openly stated their genocidal intent of erasing the Palestinian population from occupied territories. The blatant bombing of hospitals and refugee camps and the killing of women and children, in particular, shows that the Israeli regime has no respect for international law.

Netanyahu has publicly thanked President Biden for the United States’ support. It is openly reported that U.S. and Israeli military commands are liaising in the conduct of operations in Gaza.

The presence of U.S. naval forces in the East Mediterranean is meant to deter any Arab or Muslim nation or group from intervening to help defend Palestinians.

The Biden administration is as cowardly as it is duplicitous. It talks about “concern” for civilian casualties in Gaza while giving the Israeli regime its full support to commit the sickening slaughter of innocents. Biden is only concerned about how the massacre doesn’t look so good to the rest of the world and American voters as a presidential election approaches.

Hence the creepy advice from Biden for Israel “to be more careful”. His advice is not to stop the mass murder of children but to just do it more discreetly.

Biden and his administration are morally sick psychopaths with a hopelessly depraved view of history. The president this week talked about the Nazi Holocaust as being the foundation of Israel’s right to exist and its right to “finish off” Gaza.

This is while the fascist Israeli state uses Nazi methods and American bombs to annihilate Palestinian civilians.

In close consultation with American officials, the Israeli military is set to pump seawater into the tunnels in Gaza where it is believed Hamas militants are hiding. More than eight weeks of non-stop bombardment of Gaza resulting in nearly 20,000 civilian deaths has not defeated Hamas. Now, the Israelis are going to flood the estimated 500 kilometres of the underground network.

The Israelis do not care if 140 Israeli hostages are killed along with Hamas fighters. They do not care that the seawater will poison all underground drinking water sources as well as vast areas of farmland for future generations.

This desperate and despicable measure is reminiscent of the Nazi flooding of the cathedral in Prague in June 1942 to kill resistant fighters who were trapped in the crypt. The Czech resistance had assassinated SS commander Reinhard Heydrich weeks earlier. The Waffen-SS went on to inflict reprisal massacres against whole villages as collective punishment.

What the world is witnessing is a repeat of the barbarity, and grotesquely carried out by a supposedly Jewish regime that claims its lawless prerogatives because of the Nazi Holocaust.

Professor Francis Boyle, who teaches international law at the University of Illinois, has long predicted that the Israeli regime’s genocidal crimes and corruption will cause the state to collapse in ignominy eventually.

One might add the United States to that disastrous fall into damnation along with Israel.

The Biden White House has brought the U.S. into global disrepute for its flagrant complicity in Gaza’s genocide. It is damned in front of the whole world.

Biden Has Damned the United States Over Israel’s Gaza Genocide

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