Netanyahu Says ‘No Ceasefire’ as Israeli Troops Strike Gaza City

On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Melik Abdul discussed a plethora of topics from around the globe, including the latest from the Gaza-Israel conflict.

In the first hour, veteran war correspondent Elijah Magnier discussed the current Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip, as their ground forces move into the main city in this isolated Palestinian coastal territory.

In the second hour, Fault Lines spoke to radio host and political commentator Misty Winston about the House Republican attempt to accelerate the funding to Israel by reallocating the money from the IRS’ budget.

In the last half of the second hour, professor at the Metropolitan College of New York Desiree K. Robinson discussed the mass pharmacy strike, dubbed “Pharmageddon”, and what this will mean going forward for companies like CVS and Walgreens.

In the final hour, Fault Lines spoke to lawyer and CEO of Gill Media Steve Gill about House Speaker Mike Johnson’s push to impeach US President Joe Biden over the latter’s alleged foreign dealings with his son, Hunter Biden.

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