Farmers Protest Across Europe; Ukrainian Grain Sabotaged in Poland

In this episode of Fault Lines, Jamarl Thomas and Melik Abdul delve into various global topics. They touch upon the destruction of 160 tons of Ukrainian grain in Poland as a response to the influx of cheap imports.

Fault Lines launched Tuesday’s show with a deep dive with veteran correspondent Elijah Magnier into the backlash against inexpensive imports, leading to the deliberate destruction of 160 tonnes of Ukrainian grain in Poland. This incident unfolded amidst widespread protests in the country, reflecting farmers’ grievances about what they perceive as unfair competition not only in Poland but throughout Europe.

The second hour begins with a thorough examination of the Former President’s financial predicament with political snalyst and veteran Tom Norton, as he faces the necessity of securing a substantial bond. This urgency arises from Trump’s lawyers appealing the ruling of the New York civil fraud trial, which mandates him to pay over $450 million in penalties and interest.
Later in the second hour, attorney Steve Gill joined Fault Lines to discuss the Supreme Court’s examination of state laws passed in Florida and Texas. These laws aim to restrict social media platforms from suppressing certain political viewpoints.

In the third hour, Fault Lines welcomed civil rights leader Dr. Linda Lee Tarver to delve into the Michigan primary happening in the state today, along with broader insights into the 2024 presidential race.

Later in the final hour, attorney Ajay Pallegar joined the show to examine the situation of the former FBI informant who stands accused of falsely informing his handler that the Bidens accepted multimillion-dollar bribes. Pallegar shed light on the individual’s continued incarceration as he awaits trial.

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