The January Issue Of TreaZine Is Available Now

Sedition #6 of my print-friendly zine is now available here:

In this month’s plus-sized TreaZine, “Psychological Tyranny Is Still Tyranny,” Sedition 6 features articles like:

Military Groomers Are Increasingly Infiltrating US High Schools

The Season Finale Of The Hit Show ‘Proxy War’

You’re Not Actually Helping When You “Support” Protesters In Empire-Targeted Nations

Why I’m Glad Joe Biden Beat Donald Trump

…and a whole bunch more.

Friendly reminder that you can subscribe to TreaZine to automatically receive each monthly sedition.

As usual anyone is free to print, copy, republish, distribute, or use any and all of these materials in any way they choose, either digitally or in the meat world.

The previous versions are available through the “related posts” section

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