Oh No, Now The US Has To Stop Imprisoning Ex-Presidents For Their Crimes! Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Everyone’s acting shocked and outraged at the Supreme Court ruling that Donald Trump and other former presidents are largely immune from criminal prosecution, as though presidents getting prosecuted for their crimes is something that’s been happening this entire time.

It’s like oh wow you’re saying powerful people won’t have to abide by the same rules as normal people in America anymore?

Guess they’ll have to release all those former US presidents who’ve been imprisoned for their war crimes and crimes against humanity now. Thanks a lot, Supreme Court.

Those obvious dementia symptoms are not dementia symptoms.

That obvious genocide is not genocide.

Those obvious war crimes are not war crimes.

Those obvious NATO provocations are not provocations.

This obvious dystopia is not a dystopia.

This obvious propaganda is not propaganda.

It’s hilarious how the liberal commentariat is freaking out not because their president is a dementia patient but because they’re not sure if a dementia patient can win an election.

I’m still getting liberals doing the “ARE YOU A DOCTOR??” thing when I make the observation that Biden plainly has dementia. No I’m not a doctor, I’m just not blind. That thing we’re all seeing when we look at Joe Biden, that’s what normal people mean when they use the word dementia.

Person who lives in the hub of the US empire while it murders, starves and abuses people all around the world: “If Donald Trump wins, America might become a tyrannical force for evil!”

Zionists in the 19th and 20th century: Yeeehaw! We’re gonna colonize Palestine just like the colonialists in Australia and the Americas!

Zionists today: It’s antisemitic to call Israel a colonialist project; it’s actually ANTI-colonialist because Jews are indigenous to Israel.

Palestinian mother: [watches her entire family killed by US-supplied bombs and starved by a US-backed blockade]

Western liberals: Ma’am what you fail to understand is that what you are seeing is actually a lot more complicated than it looks. Stop crying, do you want Trump to win?

Israel is a material manifestation of an argument the west has been having with itself for generations, between its older genocidal settler-colonialist values and its purported values of modern times. Between the values of justice and egalitarianism we’re taught to value in school, and the fact that the west is still a savage and murderous civilization that hasn’t transcended its barbarity in the way it thinks it has.

The reason Israel has remained in this half-in, half-out state of ethnic cleansing with regard to the Palestinians is largely because the western backers upon whom Israel’s existence depends won’t fully get behind a 19th century-style extermination program to purge the land of an inconvenient population. Because the west remains a psychopathic and bloodthirsty civilization it still supports mountains of Israeli depravity, but because of the values it claims to uphold it also lacks the public consensus to go all-in on a final solution to the Palestinian question.

So until now Israel has remained in a kind of stasis, with Palestinians existing in this odd half-purged condition and continuing to resist as any population would under such circumstances. And now we’re at the point where the west is basically being told, “Either shit or get off the pot.” Either commit to the full-blown elimination of the Palestinians via genocide or ethnic cleansing, or change course and actually start standing by the values you claim to stand by for the first time in your miserable existence. Either commit to the savagery of your genocidal past, or commit to a real civilizational transformation.

Gaza is asking us a very important question about ourselves. Our answer will set the course for the future of our entire world.

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley):


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