JOHNSTONE January Issue: The Empire’s War On Journalism

The January edition of Johnstone is up and available. As the US empire supports attacks on truthful reporting in Gaza and works to persecute Julian Assange, this issue is titled “The Empire’s War On Journalism”.

Contents of the January issue:

The War On Journalism In Belmarsh, The War On Journalism In Gaza … 5

More US-Driven Escalations Toward War In The Middle East … 8

Biden Has Started Another US War … 11

This Can’t Be Another Instance Of Genocide — Israel Believes It’s Right! … 14

Israel Says It’s Antisemitic To Invoke The Genocide Convention Over Gaza … 16

Israel Accuses The ICJ Of (You Guessed It) Antisemitism … 18

Commemorating A Past Holocaust While Cheerleading The Current One … 20

The Israel Supporter And The Sandwich … 22

False Accusations Of Antisemitism Exploit A Healthy Impulse To Advance A Profoundly Sick One … 24

I Don’t Care What Religion The Genocidal Child Murderers Are … 27

The “Rules-Based International Order” … 30

When Yemen Does It It’s Terrorism, When The US Does It It’s “The Rules-Based Order” … 32

If You’ve Just Started Paying Attention To US Foreign Policy … 36

Welcome To The Empire … 38

They’re Calling Ethnic Cleansing “Voluntary Migration” Now … 40

US Admonishes Israeli Officials For Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud About Ethnic Cleansing … 44

This Genocide Is Being Live-Streamed. We Can’t Say We Didn’t Know. … 47

Biden Is Everything People Feared Trump Would Be … 50

How The Hell Did We Get Here? … 52

It’s Insane That Anyone Is Still Supporting Israel … 54

CNN And Washington Post Busted For Pro-Israel Propaganda Shenanigans … 56

Turns Out “Israel Has A Right To Defend Itself” Meant “Israel Has A Right To Commit Genocide” … 59

Where I Stand, Issue By Issue … 64

Gaza Is Exposing Western Liberals For The Frauds They Are- … 68

Westerners Have An Absolutely Psychotic View Of Airstrikes … 70

We Could Try Simply NOT Provoking A Wider War Via The Continued Destruction Of Gaza … 73

We Are Entirely Too Close To Another Major War In The Middle East … 76

Tony Blinken Is A Cold-Blooded Sociopath … 78

Western Empire Bombs Yemen To Protect Israel’s Genocide Operations In Gaza … 80

The Biden Administration’s Absurd Justification For Its Yemen War … 82

Many Say They Want Peace When What They Really Want Is Obedience … 85

I Want For You What You Want For The Palestinians … 89

Strange Groceries … 90

As usual, these works are creative commons and may be freely used or repurposed by anyone in any way, with or without attribution.

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