, Now With Actual Traffic Capacity!

A lot of you have probably noticed that my website has been having a lot of issues lately. The good news is that this has been because my old hosting plan has been struggling to keep up with the traffic that this site has been getting lately due to so many people visiting it now. The even better news is that I finally coughed up the money to upgrade my hosting service to one which can actually keep up with the new level of traffic.

Hopefully this new move will resolve all my site’s issues. If you still encounter problems going forward, please let me know about them and rest assured that I’ll work on finding a resolution as soon as I can.

If you haven’t already subscribed to my site’s mailing list I strongly encourage you to do so; the internet censorship on social media is only going to get worse so it will get increasingly unlikely for you to see my latest publications on Facebook or Twitter or wherever. If you subscribe you’ll get an email every time I publish. Tim and I have some big plans for 2020, with a lot of exciting announcements in the coming months.

I’ll probably be taking a break from publishing for a few days because hosting the family Christmas this year is taking up too much of my headspace, but I’ll probably still be active on Twitter. Thank you all so much for your incredible support, and for getting this site to the level it’s at now. I promise to keep sticking it to the bastards until they’re down for the count.

Gobs of love and merry Christmas, and may 2020 be the year we finally drive the stake into the heart of the beast once and for all., Now With Actual Traffic Capacity!

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