US-Funded Thai Mobs’ “New Year’s Resolution”

Despite being exposed as US government funded agitators working to divide and destroy Thailand, despite plummeting numbers of supporters and disastrous election results, and despite the continuous damage they are doing to the Thai economy – mob leaders like Anon Nampa have vowed to continue disruptive street protests well into next year.

They also vow to bring back fugitives “by 2022.”

I explain why these fugitives are not “dissidents,” why Thailand’s anti-defamation laws are not “archaic,” and offer an alternative we can work on to help offset the negativity people like Anon Nampa have planned for Thailand in 2021.

One thought on “US-Funded Thai Mobs’ “New Year’s Resolution”

  • Peace Zone

    Sounds great, AC!
    I would love to hear about elephants, organic farming,and Buddhist nuns in Thailand.


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