Ukraine Loses another HIMARS, Russian Advance Continues

Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for July 17, 2022

– Russian forces continue operations against Bakhmut-Siversk defense line;
– Russian forces have reportedly destroyed another HIMARS;
– The Pentagon has been deliberately vague regarding HIMARS performance in briefings;
– Striking behind Russian lines may be possible for Ukraine, but not in the quantities Russia is capable of regarding strikes behind Ukrainian lines;
– Claims that Russia is deliberately striking civilian targets is transparent war propaganda;


US Department of Defense – Senior Military Official Holds a Background Briefing JULY 15, 2022:…

NYT – Strikes on Civilians Deep in Ukraine Show Russia’s Lethal Reach:…

Washington Post – Russia has killed civilians in Ukraine. Kyiv’s defense tactics add to the danger.:…

Defense Politics Asia (Ukraine map):

Live UA Map (pro-Ukrainian):

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