The War in Ukraine | How Will It End?

Join Cyrus Janssen, Reporterfy Media and Brain Berletic (New Atlas) & Surprise Guest

In this Live Stream, we will be discussing the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and exploring potential solutions to bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been ongoing for several years, resulting in numerous casualties, displacement of civilians, and economic disruption. Despite various attempts at mediation and ceasefire agreements, the conflict has yet to be fully resolved.

In this live stream, we will examine the root causes of the conflict and the various perspectives and interests of the parties involved. We will also explore potential solutions, including diplomatic negotiations, economic sanctions, and humanitarian aid.

It is important to acknowledge the complexity of this conflict and the diverse perspectives involved. By understanding the underlying causes and motivations of the conflict, we can work towards a more informed and effective resolution.

Join us as we delve into this complex issue and explore potential pathways towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

We will also examine China’s role in trying to broker an end to this conflict.

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