The armed international conflict in Ukraine: 1.5 years later

The armed international conflict in Ukraine: 1.5 years later

We invite our audience to a panel discussion with 4 popular analysts who have been closely following the armed conflict in Ukraine for the past 1.5 years.

Many people have been providing regular updates from their fields of expertise. From political analysis to military analysis to social analysis. The focus of most analyses by experts is the present, they use known facts to analyze the current state of events and speculating about the motivations and potential next steps of actors involved.

However, the big yet rarely touched question is: Where will all of it lead? Can predictions about the future be made? Ukraine, Russia, the United States, the EU, China, NATO, the BRICS: After 1.5 years of international armed conflict in Ukraine – can we find consensus on who is winning, who is losing, and how things will turn out in the long term?

Our panelists will provide a summary of what they believe the future holds.

Expert panelists:

Alex from Reporterfy Media: Alex is a Canadian journalist based in China who has been following the conflict closely with a special focus on the frontline reports of independent American war reporter Patrick Lancaster.
Check out his channel here:
   / @reporterfy  

Brian Berletic: Former US marine based in Thailand running the New Atlas YouTube channel, which focuses on US geostrategy and military capabilities. Check out his channel here:    / @thenewatlas  

Jason Pengcheng: Popular anonymous Chinese analyst and opinion leader on BiliBili who has been analyzing the war with a strong focus on military strategy.
Check out his channel here:

Michael Rossi: Professor for political science and Russia expert, famous for making full English translations of speeches delivered by key representatives of the Russian and Ukrainian governments available online.
Check out his channel here:
   / @michaelrossipolisci  

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