Pentagon’s “End-of-Year” Wishlist for Ukraine’s Military Falls Far Short

Update on Russian military operations in and around Ukraine for December 23, 2022:

– US prepares a 1.85 billion USD aid package for Ukraine;

– Package includes Patriot missile battery;

– Western media notes Ukraine’s use of Patriot missiles will compound existing missile shortage;

– Package falls short in terms of artillery ammunition;

– Pentagon contracts for additional ammunition for Ukraine’s Soviet-era weapon systems falls far short of meeting Ukraine’s weekly requirements let alone what it will require over the next month or year;

– Pentagon provides a “fact sheet” listing all support the US has provided since Russia’s special military operation began in late February;

– Many systems on the Pentagon’s end-of-year list cannot be replaced nor production ramped up for years to come;

– Russia’s military appears prepared for long-term, intense, large-scale combat, it’s forces arrayed for such fighting, its stockpiles large enough to supply it, hinting at the possibility Russia’s military industrial output is also prepared to sustain it.


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