Google’s “Gemini” is useful, but only if you ask the right questions…

▪️Many have been accusing Google’s Gemini of skewing reality in favor of “woke ideology,” yet my own experiments indicate it tries to produce content specifically for you;

▪️In other words, if you ask leading questions meant to tease out “woke” results, that’s what you’ll get. Ask objective questions and get objective answers;

▪️The real tragedy is that Gemini and other AI generative platforms available for FREE are being used to fuel a pointless and devisive social conflict when such platforms are capable of helping solve real problems;

▪️For example, I asked Gemini to produce conceptual images (attached) for an aquaponic system I want to build with simple materials anyone can find to grow food locally even without farmland – the results created in seconds  saved me probably days of conceptual development;

One thought on “Google’s “Gemini” is useful, but only if you ask the right questions…

  • Jürgen Karsten

    Wir können nicht mal unsere eigene Welt vom Müll befreien und basteln an Alternativen für eine Neue, die uns auch wieder von oben aufgedrückt wird. Diesmal als digitale Sklavenhalterei. Wozu soll das gut sein?


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