It’s Not The US’ Place To Lecture Anyone On Religious Freedom

America’s meddling in others’ affairs mustn’t continue otherwise it risks artificially limiting the scope of its partnerships in the Global South.

The US State Department just published its yearly report on religious freedom across the world, which included a particularly harsh portion that criticized India’s standing on this issue. A senior State Department official who briefed the media on Monday said that they want that country’s government to condemn those who spew hate speech and resort to religiously motivated violence ahead of Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the US next month.

Furthermore, they added that “The U.S. Holocaust Museum continues to draw considerable attention to the human rights situation in India and lists it as one of its top countries of concern and with – with regards to potential for mass killings there.” Considering their status as a senior State Department official, this can be interpreted as the US Government extending credence to that museum’s fearmongering innuendo that a Holocaust-like genocide of religious minorities might occur in India.

It’s not the US’ place to lecture anyone on religious freedom after its liberalglobalist elite have aggressively pushed LGBT+ and pedophilic propaganda onto children at public schools, which violates the rights of those parents who follow Abrahamic religions and thus oppose such lifestyles out of principle. That’s not even to mention its support of anti-Christian terrorist groups in the Balkans (e.g. the so-called “Kosovo Liberation Army”) and North Africa-West Asia over the past three decades.

Even if it wasn’t doing any of that, the US still wouldn’t have the moral authority to tell others what to do since these are purely domestic issues that others shouldn’t meddle in. Furthermore, it’s already proven countless times in the past that its rhetoric about “human rights” is just a cover for interfering in other countries’ affairs as part of its attempts to pressure their governments on other issues. In India’s case, this concerns its principled neutrality in the New Cold War and resultant refusal to dump Russia.

American policymakers are beginning to realize how futile their efforts to coerce concessions from India on this have been as evidenced by the influential Council on Foreign Relations’ official magazine publishing an impressively insightful analysis about Indian-US relations earlier this month. Nevertheless, ideologically driven interest groups like infamous Color Revolution financier George Soros’ still believe that the West shouldn’t stop pressuring India but instead double the intensity of such campaigns.

Its this particular faction that’s behind the State Department’s report about India and that unnamed senior official’s fearmongering innuendo about an impending Holocaust-like genocide of religious minorities there. They’re opposed to pragmatic engagement with that country as an equal and remain committed to treating it like a second-class state due to the influence that liberal-globalism exerts over their policy formulation process.

These ideologues are against the emerging pragmatic faction within the US’ permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies who are belatedly realizing how counterproductive it is to cling to outdated policies like the analyzed one about continuing to pressure India. In this particular context, they’re trying to complicate Prime Minister Modi’s upcoming trip by demanding that his government first condemn alleged violations of religious freedom at home before arriving in the US.

The best outcome for both countries would be if the pragmatic faction convinces India that their ideological competitors are becoming a fringe force within their country’s permanent bureaucracies. India and the US shouldn’t let differences on socio-cultural issues and their ties with third parties like Russia get in the way of expanding mutually beneficial cooperation. America’s meddling in others’ affairs mustn’t continue otherwise it risks artificially limiting the scope of its partnerships in the Global South.

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