Introducing Pro-Democracy Pod

A new podcast by Mila Ghorayeb and Alex Rubinstein on current affairs and US meddling abroad.

Hi everybody,

I will be starting a new podcast exclusively on Rokfin tomorrow, premiering at 8pm Eastern Time. While my Substack channel will continue to be free for all, viewing my new podcast will require a subscription.

Here’s the good news, though: I’ll be streaming every week alongside my co-host Mila Ghorayeb, who you can find here on Substack. Mila is somebody I have followed for a while and whose work I love. We’ll have some really good guests on the podcast to talk about their journalism, focusing on a lot of the same topics I’ve covered here on Substack.

Even better yet, if you subscribe to our podcast, you’ll get access to a ton of really great exclusive content on Rokfin. Some folks who have channels over there include: Max Blumenthal, Lee Camp, Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola, Abby Martin, Jimmy Dore, Ben Norton, the folks from The Convo Couch, Status Coup, the MCSC Network, and more.

Rokfin is building up a lineup of some of the best alternative journalism voices out there today. Pretty much every day of the week you’ll be able to watch some of my favorite fellow journalists live.

If you are not familiar with Rokfin, I really suggest checking it out. They are slowly and steadily destroying the YouTube model. Most of you probably already know that YouTube demonetizes the work of journalists and censors a lot of topics. For people who are actually trying to make change or elevate the conversation from the confines of mainstream-media approved parameters of discussion, Rokfin is quickly proving itself the place to be.

If you have been following me for a while, you probably know that I don’t do a lot of video content and mostly focus on writing, so this is a new thing for me. You may have also noticed that my posts on Substack are not exactly consistent. This is because I currently have a job that demands most of my time. However, at the end of this year I plan on leaving my job and publishing on Substack far more regularly. Until then, this feed may become a little cluttered with clips from my podcast, but I’ll try to update my Substack as much as possible with investigative stories you won’t see on the mainstream media.

I thought that my contract with Business Insider would have helped make this dream a reality, but if you saw my article here, it seems exceedingly likely that Business Insider censored me.

The good news is that Rokfin would never do that kind of thing.

And so, your support for me on Rokfin will help make it possible for me to focus on my Substack journalism and on hosting really awesome, live video streams. I’d like nothing more than to be able to write on Substack and hold my weekly show full-time, so every subscription that Mila and I get on Rokfin goes a long way towards making that financially feasible for me.

With Rokfin, there will also be the opportunity to reach me directly through the comments section. We’ll be addressing your comments at the end of all of our episodes.

I hope that you consider subscribing. Mila and I will be talking about the stories we publish here and a lot of other stories from the best investigative journalists out there today. It will be an easier and more casual environment to consume anti-imperialist perspectives and investigative reporting.

Also make sure to check out our promo video we published today on Twitter.

Thank you for your continued support here and for considering subscribing to us on Rokfin.

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