Before viral Islamophobic rant, ex-Obama official harassed women, Russian diplomat’s dog

Prior to going viral after footage emerged showing ex-State Department official Stuart Seldowitz spewing Islamophobic slurs at a Halal food cart operator, he spent his spare time harassing female Russian diplomats and an ambassador’s pet dog, the Grayzone has learned.

The viral footage of Stuart Seldowitz berating a Halal food cart operator with Islamophobic diatribes and calls for the death of more Palestinian children has laid bare the link between extremism and American foreign policy.

Seldowitz, a former national security advisor in the Obama White House and number two at the State Department on Israel-Palestine Affairs, was caught in the streets of New York spewing naked bigotry about Arabs and Muslims raping their daughters.

“Did you rape your daughter like Mohammed did?” Seldowitz was caught asking the unnamed food cart worker on a chilly November night in New York. “If we killed 4,000 Palestinian kids, it wasn’t enough.”

But Seldowitz’s outburst was not an isolated incident. In fact, he’s a personification of the marriage between rank bigotry and the axiomatic extremism of cross factional US foreign policy consensus. Before his rise to internet stardom, Seldowitz spent at least a year maliciously harassing female Russian diplomats and even attempted to menace the dog of Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyanskiy.

The ambassador told The Grayzone that seeing the footage of Seldowitz was a “revelation” for him because he and his team were “harassed by him for more than a year and we couldn’t identify him.”

According to Polyanskiy, Seldowitz even tried to “harass” his dog while on a walk. “Which is too much for me,” the ambassador added.

Seldowitz was among a group of demonstrators against Russia at the United Nations following the launch of its military operation in Ukraine, and would stake out the entrance to the Russian mission in order to follow and insult diplomats leaving their workplace.

“He was persistent and he was personal. That’s the problem,” Polyanskiy insisted. “We don’t have problems with someone expressing concerns or disagreements with our policies, but when it becomes personal and a person really harasses and stalks women, insulting them, telling them they are ‘whores’ and all these things, this is something that we couldn’t put up with,” he told The Grayzone.

In one video obtained by The Grayzone, Seldowitz can be seen verbally assaulting a person taking a cigarette break outside the Russian mission to the United Nations. Seldowitz refers to the person’s female colleague as “whorish,” then approaches her and asks, “are you one of Putin’s prostitutes?”

According to Polyanskiy, the New York Police Department did nothing to stop Seldowitz or assist the diplomatic team in identifying their serial harasser, dismissing it as a free speech issue. Seldowitz only called it quits when “ordinary Americans just tried to reason with him and to tell him that he’s doing bad things.”

Before viral Islamophobic rant, ex-Obama official harassed women, Russian diplomat’s dog

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