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The Alternative World website is where you could be able to find different points of view around how today’s world should be changed so as to be better

6 thoughts on “About Us

  • lissnup

    Hi. I’d like to subscribe to new articles and updates by email.

    • TheAltWorld

      Unfortunately we don’t have email updates. but we are also on twitter, minds and Facebook

  • Rod Austin

    I’m an investigative journalist with the guardian News and media, I would like to speak to you regarding the covert supply of weapons to Syria story, please contact me via email

  • S M Sigerson

    Hello Alt World,
    I’m just seeing your site for the first time & I love it!
    I have an article which I consider possibly the most important thing I’ll ever write. I’ve been looking carefully for the right platform for it. It might go well on your site.
    Would you please get back to me with information about contributing an article for Alternative World?
    With sincere thanks,
    S M Sigerson
    Blog: http://www.collinsassassination.wordpress.com

  • Timothy Rue

    There really is only one way to change the world for the better but in the blocking way of doing so are religions, government, tech and military deceptions of the cheaters,

    http://3seas.org – US government work order to give people back their government of, for, and by the people, which the founders of the US established.

    World scaled version, down-scalable – http://3seas.org/Voice_of_Global_Governance-v2.pdf

    Tech industry cheat – http://3seas.org/EAD-RFI-response.pdf

    It’s really not as complicated as the cheats make it all out to be. http://abstractionphysics.net

  • Nikita

    I have NO idea why do you want our people be DEAD so badly, that you support Putin’s war crimes by claiming that his illegal actions are “what civilians from Crimea&Donbass want”. WHY do you want us, Ukrainians, be DEAD?! WHY?!


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