The Long Trail from ‘Truckers for Trump’ to the Loving Arms of Moloch

Behind this election, behind the fake religion, behind the violence in the streets and the creation of COVID is a cult surrounding Donald Trump. This is a cult based on the old gods, one at the heart of modern Evangelical Christianity, one that looks to the Books of Moses (the Pentateuch).

Qanon understands, to an extent.  All Evangelical Christianity is based on debasing Jesus and exalting Moloch.  Why are there so many ‘strange bedfellows’ in Washington?  From the Jewish Virtual Library:

“Evidence concerning Moloch worship in ancient Israel is found in the legal, as well as in the historical and prophetic literature of the Bible. In the Pentateuch, the laws of the Holiness Code speak about giving or passing children to Moloch (Lev. 18:21, 20:2–4) and the law in Deuteronomy speaks of “passing [one’s] son or daughter through fire” (18:10). Although Moloch is not named in the Deuteronomy passage, it is likely that his cult was the object of the prohibition.

The author of the Book of Kings speaks about “passing [one’s] son and daughter through fire” (II Kings 16:3 [son], 17:17, 21:6 [son]). II Kings 23:10 speaks about “passing [one’s] son or daughter through fire to Moloch.” Some scholars interpret the phrase lә-haʿavir ba-esh, as a reference to a divinatory or protective rite in which children were passed through a fire but not physically harmed. However, the same phrase lә-haʿavir ba-esh is found in an unmistakable context of burning in Numbers 31:23.

Other biblical texts refer to the sacrifice of children. Psalms 106:37–38 speaks of child sacrifice to the unnamed idols of Canaan. In prophetic sources, Jeremiah 7:31 and Ezekiel 20:25–6 speak disapprovingly of sacrificing children to Yahweh (for the “bad statutes” referred to by Ezekiel, see Ex. 22:28–29; but see Friebel); Jeremiah 19:5 speaks of sacrificing children to Baal; Ezekiel 16:21, 20:31, 23:37, 39 of sacrificing children to unnamed divinities; as does Isaiah 57:5. In none of these is there a mention of Moloch. Only in Jeremiah 32:35 is Moloch mentioned by name and there he is associated with Baal.”

Is everything going on around us today because crazy people believe in old testament gods?  Yes.

Are those gods real?  Can they do things, make things happen, reward and punish?


What their attraction is among the powerful is that these ‘old gods’ do appear, they do answer prayers that include child sacrifice and they make promises, a ‘dreamy’ afterlife, and ‘the rapture.’

Evangelical Christianity is a heresy based on bending Christian worship to the will of the old gods.

Weeks ago, Trump called for the fascist militias, all financed by billionaire extremists like DeVos, Epstein, Coors, Adelson and Koch, to frighten voters away from the polls the way their fathers helped the Jewish and Italian mobs fight against trade unions and pure food laws.

Michigan’s supremacist militias, living off meth sales, food stamp fraud and SSDI, are much like others around the nation, young stupid white kids with no real politics playing phony patriot for payoffs from GOP think tanks or laundered cash through local sheriffs.

Behind them? Looking under the surface, VT discovered a network of organizations including the real ADL/AIPAC, MEGA, Opus Dei and the Midwest Lebanese Mafia.

Behind it all is a centuries old, more than centuries old, cult with origins established at the rebellion against Moses and Yehwah/Jehovah. The restoration of Israel, of the temples, Nineveh (Mosul) Palmyra, Raqqah, Aleppo and Baalbek (Lebanon) are to signal the real end times, the rise of the kingdom of the old gods and an end to death.

It took Scofield and his biblical commentary to instill the worship of Moloch into primacy under Christian doctrine. Jesus became a bit player, tolerated despite his penchant for socialism and his unpleasantly Jewish background.

One might note that each statement and assumption made needs to stand up to not just a test but genealogy as well.  Why do I believe this?  Who told me?  Why did they do that?  If everything I am told is a lie, and I was told this, how does this lie give me tools to find the truth?  Do I want to know the truth?

Let us assume that Moloch at least is a real god. I use the term Moloch instead of Satan or “the Devil” because the Hebrew texts that support Moloch are far more detailed and far older than those that touch on Satan, with the minor exception of lines in Genesis. From Biblical Archeology:

“Introduced as “the most clever of all of the beasts of the field that YHWH God had made,” the serpent in the Garden of Eden is portrayed as just that: a serpent. Satan does not make an appearance in Genesis 2–3, for the simple reason that when the story was written, the concept of the devil had not yet been invented. Explaining the serpent in the Garden of Eden as Satan would have been as foreign a concept to the ancient authors of the text as referring to Ezekiel’s vision as a UFO (but Google “Ezekiel’s vision” now, and you’ll see that plenty of people today have made that connection!). In fact, while the word satan appears elsewhere in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, it is never a proper name; since there is no devil in ancient Israel’s worldview, there can’t yet have been a proper name for such a creature.”

Protecting them is the US Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security (Opus Dei – William Barr DOJ and Mossadnik – Chad Wolfe DHS)  Our sources say the FBI under both Mueller and Freeh.

First of all, let’s be clear on the motivation. As Malachi Martin told me back in 1993:

“Gordon, I can’t prove there is a god but what I can do is prove the devil is very real, a corporeal force for many, a presence I have been faced with time and time again and a growing power in the world. You have to decide if simply because Satan is real, god exists.”

There is a battle, not an election, this is a war, one for the soul of mankind, one being fought in the New World, between the forces of light and darkness. If you want to understand Trump and his love of Opus Dei, note this from the Philadelphia Free Press:

“While the Catholic Church claims it needs more exorcists, according to Papal insider (and now deceased) Jesuit theologian, Malachi Martin, the Catholic Church may need an exorcist.

Martin, who died in 1996, says that at the height of the Second Vatican Council in Rome, there was a ceremony to enthrone Lucifer in the Vatican (and the Chair of Peter). The church in question, Saint Paul’s chapel within the Vatican walls, hosted a very different rite of Mass on January 29, 1963, just one week after the election of Pope Paul VI. (Years later, according to Fr. Martin, Pope Paul VI would write a note to his successor, John Paul II, and tell him of this ceremony.) Paul VI is also famous for his statement, ‘The smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary.’

For decades, this statement has been the source of much confusion and controversy, but when paired with Fr. Martin’s testimony, it fits like the lost part of a puzzle.

The ceremony, Fr. Martin is on record as saying, was a Black Mass, or the Traditional Latin Mass said in reverse, complete with an animal sacrifice and a drugged young girl who may or may not have been the victim of ceremonial sexual rituals. The ceremony was not the Novus Ordo Mass because, in Fr. Martin’s words, ‘even the Satanists know that this Mass is not valid.’ Martin writes that the Black Mass was attended by high ranking prelates in the Church, important layman, business leaders and politicians. At least one Cardinal was in attendance. A concurrent “Enthronement of Satan” Black Mass was also held in South Carolina on that date.

In his novel, Windswept House, which Fr. Martin always maintained was 90 percent fact and 10 percent fiction, the opening chapter describes this Mass.

‘…In an atmosphere of darkness and fire, the Chief Celebrant in each Chapel intoned a series of Invocations to the Prince. The Participants in both Chapels chanted a response. Then, and only in America’s Targeting Chapel, each Response was followed by a Convenient Action—a ritually determined acting-out of the spirit and the meaning of the words.’

The presiding Bishop then considered the Victim. ‘Even in her near unconscious state, still she struggled. Still she protested. Finally, the Bishop began the Great Invocation: ‘’I believe that the Prince of the World will be enthroned this night in the Ancient Citadel, and from there He will create a New Community: the Universal Church of Man.’

Fr. Martin’s best selling book, Hostage to the Devil, described the priest’s years as an exorcist. Some Vatican insiders insisted that Fr. Martin had an axe to grind, while others attempted to destroy his credibility with stories of immoral behavior and illicit affairs with the wives of friends. Towards the end of his life, despite a liberal sojourn when he worked for Cardinal Bea during the time of the Council, Fr. Martin maintained that the Catholic Church was in apostasy. He pointed to “liberal, heretical” theologians like Charles Curran and Hans Kung, as being given slaps on the wrist for ascribing to heretical doctrines but still allowed to practice as Catholic priests, while those whose only goal was to preserve tradition, such as Archbishop Lefebvre, were excommunicated by then Pope John Paul II (that excommunication was summarily lifted by Pope Benedict VI).

Martin (who stated that only a future pope could exorcize the Church) is not the only authority to confirm that there’s a secret cabal of Satanists and Freemasons high up in the Catholic Church.

Father Gabriele Amorth, the one time Chief Exorcist in Rome, wrote in his book, Memoirs of an Exorcist: My Life fighting against Satan, that there are active Satanic sects within the Vatican ‘where participants reach all the way to the College of Cardinals.’ This infiltration of Satanists and Masons forms what Martin calls the Vatican ‘superforce,’ or an organization of powerful prelates who work to destroy the Catholic Church from within.”  more here

When police murder African American civilians, some of whom have criminal histories, some, however, like Breonna Taylor, led exemplary lives. Killing them is done for a reason, a blood sacrifice under the Masonic rule of Baal/Moloch/Baphomet, the old gods that make up the ancient Hebrew rebellion against god.

“Nimrod, grandson of Noah, son of Cush, was the real founder of the Babylonian system that has gripped the world ever since. Nimrod built the tower of Babel, the original Babylon, ancient Nineveh, and many other cities. He organized this world’s first kingdom. The name Nimrod, in Hebrew, may be derived from “Marad’ meaning, “he rebelled.” (Gen. 10: 6,8-12)

Nimrod was known as the god of the Chaldean Mysteries. In the Chaldean mysteries, the Babylonian dictator Nimrod was deified as Saturn. Satan and Saturn are the same words, one ‘Early Latin’, and the other ‘Late Latin’… His birthday was celebrated on December 25th or the Saturnalia. Saturn and Mystery are both chaldean words, and they are correlative terms. As Mystery signifies the hidden system, so Saturn signifies the hidden god.*”

Here is what we are finding:

The generalized hand of Opus Dei, which is those that really surround Trump (not ‘the Jews’), working with the Jesuits, described by Fr. Malachi Martin as a Luciferian cult, have accomplished some amazing things.

We are also finding American universities are being exploited as recruiting grounds for followers of Moloch. We took a look at two scandals, the Larry Nasser/Lebanese Mafia scandal that took down MSU and former governor John Engler; and, of course Penn State.

In each of these scandals as with others, going back to Presidio in 1982 and Fargo/Minot 2005, from AIPAC 2003 to 9/11 to Beirut and all the mass shootings in between, there is a trail.

You think the MSU sex scandal was Larry Nassar alone and not dozens of “boosters” who wanted to “bump and tickle” sedated gymnasts, skaters and cheerleaders?

This same group took over the US Olympic Committee many years ago. Read the names of the nasties involved.

In Michigan the plot, non-existent perpetrators, like so many mass killers, no one ever fleshes out. Run a simple internet background check on yourself, every traffic ticket, those MIP arrests in college, that lawsuit over the broken furnace, that divorce, the next divorce, there is so much history unless, of course, you are a mass killer or, as in this case, one of 13 planning to take over an entire state.

All you get is one idiot on a few minutes of video with a very bad fake Hawaiian shirt, playing pretend boogaloo boy.

The ‘Michigan Thirteen,’ facing various weapons and terrorism charges, have no personal histories, no jobs or former jobs, no legal records to be found, no lawsuits, no traffic tickets, no arrests (everyone gets arrested, this is the United States after all), no records of weapons purchases, no history of voting or registering to vote.

There are no wives or children, no mothers and fathers, one girl friend so far out of 13.

When the Null brothers were photographed with Sheriff Dar Leaf, alleged bagman for GOP billionaires, the plot began to thicken. Since Betsy DeVos and Adolf Coors were known to have financed the armed takeovers of the Michigan Capitol in April and June of 2020, and are alleged to have paid fake BLM/Antifa demonstrators, by the busload, to break up stores in Grand Rapids and across the state as well, what have we tripped over?

Also, last year Governor John Carney (Democrat) of Delaware pardoned one of the defendants, Barry Croft so he could get a job with, we are told, the Department of Homeland Security.

Croft had been convicted of weapons possession, assault and burglary.

We then traced back ties to two child sex cases, huge ones, one involving Jerry Sandusky at Penn State and University President Graham Spanier. Spanier, once convicted of felonies in the sex crimes coverup involving Sandusky, was hours from prison when a federal judge threw out the conviction against him. No reputable reason was given whatsoever.

He was then given a job at DHS, which we believe to be run by Israeli security, the organization used to push street violence around the US, supplying William Barr with thousands of agents provocateur and a fake military presence to respond to them as well.

Street theatre.

A few days ago, the FBI and state authorities arrested 13 people, part of a ring of supposed militia types planning to blow up a bridge, shoot some police and either murder or kidnap Michigan’s governor. Other state officials were to be killed and some state governments, counties, cities, were to be overthrown, depending on which version you get from which defendant on which FBI recording.

Of the defendants, none seem to work. A couple are former Marines. They spend cash, travel around from state to state, buy guns and explosives and have powerful friends.

Who are those friends, the ones we see?

It looks like they may have a “handler,” sheriff of extremely corrupt Barry County, Michigan (Hastings, Michigan), capitol of the methamphetamine world. The small city south of Grand Rapids, in poverty stricken Allegan County (poverty and wealth), has a reputation with law enforcement as the Midwest version of ‘Deadwood.’


Michigan locals are calling for Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf’s resignation after it emerged he shared a stage at a rally with members of the Michigan Liberty Militia group—one of whom was recently arrested for allegedly plotting to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

William “Bill” Null, the man on stage with Leaf at an open carry militia rally in May, was arrested in early October in connection with an alleged plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

A protest of around 160 attendees is planned for tomorrow, in Hastings, to urge Sheriff Leaf to be removed from his post.

The Long Trail from ‘Truckers for Trump’ to the Loving Arms of Moloch

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